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At W8 FinSolutions, our firm offers you the best possible way to manage your databases.

Your company’s data (master data) is precious. It gives information about your customers, your suppliers, your activities and much more. It is important to organize and structure it, but also to secure it and to centralize it in a single database.

Master data: the services we offer for your company in Brussels

Discover our Master data services for your company. Our consultants offer various services including ERP system implementation, data analysis, data migration and user training.

Implementation and integration of ERP systems

The implementation of an ERP system within a company helps the teams to carry out their daily tasks.

This is done progressively within your company so that each member of your team can become more familiar with this new system (master data). The implementation always begins with a full-scale test phase to check that the interface is working properly and to make any necessary adjustments. Our consultants will be at your service throughout the implementation to satisfy your needs and answer your questions.

Data analysis in the pre-implementation process

To find out what your master data needs are, you first have to analyse them. Some companies already have ERP systems, even if some of them are outdated. We take the time to analyse and determine your needs and those of your team before proposing personalised solutions.

After the analysis of your needs, general objectives are then determined by our consultants and presented to you. Everything is written down in a detailed specification. We offer you personalized solutions, adapted to your company, in order to choose an efficient ERP system for the daily management of your company. Make it easier for you to manage your business!

Migration from one platform to a new platform

Some companies already have an ERP system (such as databases, customers, suppliers, finance, contracts, addresses, etc.). We make sure to upgrade and modify it before migrating the entire platform.

When migrating from one platform to another, we ensure that all your data is perfectly secure. This data is highly confidential and important to your company. Our systems have all the necessary protections to manage them in the best possible conditions. We ensure that your data is perfectly secure at all times. Trust the expertise of our consulting firm, Master data in Brussels – W8 FinSolutions.

User training

After the implementation of your ERP system, we come on site to train your internal project manager. The project manager can be a member of your team or yourself, depending on the size of your company. We adapt to each professional and provide a complete training.

Our consultants create, organize and manage all your data in efficient ERP systems. Once created and updated, this centralized database can then be shared and used by all your employees. You will find all the information you need in one place to facilitate the daily management and development of your company.

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W8 FinSolutions est un cabinet de gestion financière, fiscale, Master data (bases de données) et administrative. Les données collectées par votre entreprise sont précieuses. Organisez-les et protégez-les grâce à notre équipe d’experts à Bruxelles, Jette, Ixelles, Koekelberg, … . Des solutions adaptées à votre entreprise vous seront proposées pour vos bases de données (Master data).


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